February 2019 - interlaken imagery

Frozen February

Winter has us in its clutches! The month of February can often leave Minnesotans in a funk wanting spring to arrive sooner than later. It may be the groundhog that's got everyone hoping we can skip to sunny skies and barbecues by the lake. But for whatever reason, winter keeps on trucking, and these below zero, snowy, wind-gust days, Facebook newsfeeds have been filling up with gifs, memes, and status updates proclaiming threats against Mother Nature.

We experienced the coldest in years in January, February was all set up for the snowiest on record! And though there are certainly elements of the warmer months that we miss, we’ve also developed a greater appreciation for the winter and the beauty that can be found. Children too have enjoyed all the snow-days, but for those of us past our younger years, the enjoyment of winter months comes down to having proper gear that holds up to the cold, and keeps you toasty warm.

Looking for an excuse to leave the igloo, we headed to the big lake. This time there was much more ice out on the lake and we were able to get a whole new perspective of the lighthouse and the pier, one that is typically only seen by the ships passing through the Canal. With ice out far beyond the pier and ice houses galore on the great lake, we were able to view the lift bridge from the lakeside view.

The Big Lake aka Lake Superior is one of the things we continue to miss the most since we’ve moved away from Duluth, especially in the winter. Each visit offers a different view and each season a different character. Sometimes there’s no ice, sometimes there’s pancake ice, and sometimes the power of the lake pushes all the ice to the shore creating endless shards of glass-like ice shooting up and breaking apart (our personal favorite).

So we were ecstatic to get a full photoshoot in with these magnificent slices of solid Superior water. Endless piles of turquoise and sky blue colors filled the lake, spikes that seemingly went on for miles down the shore, and crowds of people using this opportunity to make the lake their playground. It was fun and an unusual chance we were certainly taking advantage of!

Of course, coming home to our cabin in the woods has its charms, and the deer trudging through the deep snow to visit us each morning has become a highlight to wake up to. What's not to love about these sweet faces?!

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