Meet Us - interlaken imagery

Nice to meet you.

Nestled in Minnesota's deep woods, we're an adventurous duo inspired by the great outdoors. We've tracked thousands of miles in back roads, trails, wetlands, and more, hoping the photographic images we capture will make you feel a part of the experience.

"There's something truly special about getting the opportunity to see wildlife in their element. Not many things would drag a person out of bed that early in the morning, or keep them out as late, but photography reveals  a new and different perspective on the world." 

David Rohrbach

"Photography presents a lot of opportunity to see the little details, something I think is amiss in our society. I love the experiences and interactions I'm able to have while capturing photo after photo of wildlife's behavior and the stunning landscapes around us."

Erika Schroeder


Be a part of the adventure and check out our work!

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